Watercolours, Pastels, Crayon and Charcoal

Onshore Years - 2000s

Raglan Rocks, New Zealand. Watercolour Raglan, New Zealand.
There are some rocks near Manu Bay, Raglan, against which the waves break quite nicely. The rocks are dark basaltic and made a nice contrast to the sea and the plants struggling to grow. It's a popular surfing beach.
Watercoloour A3 size
A Bridge in Rome. Watercolour A Bridge in Rome.
Another image from our Italian holiday. (Watercolour A3 size.)
Dover Cliffs, U.K. Watercolour. Dover Cliffs.
This is the view from Dover Castle. (Watercolour A3 size.)
Derwent Water, Lake District U.K. Watercolour. Derwent Water.
This was a very windy day with these interesting storm clouds but with the one patch of brightness coming through.
I was standing out on one of the small boat jetties to get the photo I drew from, the gusts were so strong it was hard to keep my balance. (Watercolour A0 size.)

© Alexander Knox (Man From Down Under)