Pastels, Crayon, Pencil and Charcoal

Onshore Years - 2000s

Dutch barge in stormy seas. Charcoal drawing. Dutch Barge.
While working in Delft, Holland the office was barren as far as art went and I got tired of staring at a blank wall in front of me. I suggested some art on the wall but nothing happened, so I drew this myself in charcoal. It is one of the Dutch Barges which are common in The Netherlands. (Charcoal A0 size.)
Dutch Sailing Master. Portrait in charcoal Dutch Sailing Master
When I had looked at the sailing barge long enough I decided on a change so drew (in charcoal) a old Dutch Sailing Master (yes, he had lost a couple of fingers) and swapped the pictures on the wall. People asked where I had got them from, I just said an art shop in town. Those who lokked close enough saw my signature. (Charcoal A0 size.)
Roman ruins in Rome, Italy. Pencil sketch.

Roman Ruins.
From our trip to Rome, this is the view from the Colluseum.
Pencil sketch A3 size

A Rose. Pastels on black paper. A Rose
Just a picture for no particular reason. Just wanted to try using pastels on black paper. (Pastel A2 size.)
My leather art bag. Pencil sketch My Leather Art Bag.
This was a nice bag I brought Florence. The small leather bound pad was a gift from my daughter.
(Pencil sketch A3 size.)
Cheryl (my wife). Pencil portrait. Cheryl.
My wife Cheryl sitting at a restaurant table in Venice, menu in front of her, glass of wine and the pendant she had brought. (Pencil Portrait A0 size.)
Gaia, The Godess of the earth. Oil crayon. Gaia, The godess of the earth.
This was just an image I had in my head, sort of a combination of the horn of plenty, Greek goddessess and the transition of day and night. The goddess is pouring out the earth from the amphora in one hand while controlling night and day with the other. I didn't set out to draw Gaia, but that title seems appropriate. (Oil crayon A0 size.)
Kate, my Russian teacher and her guitar. Pencil portrait. Kate.
Kate was my Russian teacher in Sakhalin who became my friend. We would sing and play together in a group at the company accommodation facility, as a result of which Kate met her future husband who worked there as a chef. I am now Godfather to their daughter. (pencil portrait A0 size.)
Victory! Celebrating the Russian WWII victory day. Oil crayon. Victory!
IN Yuzhno Sakhalinsk there was a WWII war memorial, a bronze statute of a Russian soldier grimly facing the battle and and a sailor who had just been shot. I tried to put them into the battle facing the flames of war with the lightness pf peace following them. The words to the left and right are:
Courage defeats the clouds of war and victory is won with sacrifice.
Храбрость рассеет тучи войны, и победа достанется жертвами.

© Alexander Knox (Man From Down Under)